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Research Hero Formula 2x
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Element AI Research

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Our researchers pursue novel research in the lab and use the best ideas to power solutions that deliver real impact.

  • Fundamental Research

    Pursuing novel avenues in key AI research areas including computer vision, natural language processing and machine learning

  • Applied Research

    Exploring how AI can be implemented in real-world situations, testing prototypes and developing applications in key areas such as robotics and human-computer interaction

  • AI Impact

    Studying the impact of AI on the world, including ethics and explainability, as well as the potential for using AI to tackle challenges in areas such as climate change and human rights

Into the Unknown

Our fundamental research teams work on problems with unknown solutions, where research is ongoing or where we want to push the state-of-the-art.

  • Cv computer vision

    Computer Vision

    Vision for embodied agents, recognizing new tasks and leveraging knowledge from previous tasks, learning from minimal supervision, learning shared representations

  • Nlp natural language processing

    Natural Language Processing

    Document understanding, natural language interface, text representation and generalization, systematic generalisation, langage grounding

  • Ml machine learning

    Machine Learning

    Machine learning theory, reusability, robustness and explainability, scalability