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Retaining returns by optimizing implementation

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Achieve lower implementation costs through recommended trade volumes that minimize market impact and price risk.

  • Decrease implementation shortfall

    Decrease implementation shortfall

    Reduce costs with optimized trade-implementation decisions.

  • Simplify workflow

    Simplify workflow

    Easily configured to a variety of workflows with customized benchmarks and a pre-built UI or API to integrate with internal and vendor systems.

  • Scalable recommendations 2x

    Scalable security-level analysis

    Leverages machine learning to simultaneously provide recommendations across hundreds of constituents and prevent generalized decision-making at the index or sector level.

Trade flow scheduler for asset managers
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Element AI Trade Flow Scheduler for Asset Managers

Asset Managers working in low liquidity markets or with large portfolios regularly incur implementation costs by moving the market or splitting trades over multiple days. Yet retaining returns by minimizing these implementation costs is a key priority in low-return environments and when facing funding shortfalls or fee pressure. EAI Trade Flow Scheduler continuously optimizes trade-implementation decisions based on dynamic market data to help Asset Managers minimize market impact and price risk, resulting in lower implementation costs.