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Proven software built specifically to manage GPU clusters

Optimize the use of compute and storage resources

Bridge the gap between IT infrastructure and the needs of AI practitioners.

  • Optimize GPU clusters

    Actively manages the allocation of centralized compute resources to get the best return on your investment.

  • Increase overall productivity

    Dynamically rebalances workloads to allow AI practitioners to process a higher volume of jobs and become more efficient in producing AI models.

  • Maximize specialized resources

    Lets AI practitioners do what they do best—building quality models—by removing most of the engineering heavy-lifting required to efficiently use GPUs.

  • Future-proof IT infrastructure

    Enables IT infrastructure to meet your current and future ambitions and scale with minimal disruption.


Product features

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    I have 20 years of experience in IT but limited knowledge of deep learning. In order to scale our projects at Element AI, I needed tools that bridged the gap between IT and AI practitioners.

    EAI Orkestrator allows me to provide our AI practitioners with the IT infrastructure they need, in a language they understand, while also ensuring that I maximize my IT dollars spent by enabling our GPU cluster to be used at maximum capacity.

    Ludwig Gamache Head of IT

Two ways to access EAI Orkestrator

  • ICON ork enterprise 2x

    Orkestrator Enterprise

    Deploy Element AI Orkestrator on premises to efficiently manage, allocate and maintain your GPUs.

  • ICON ork lab 2x


    Orkestrator-aaS lets you run jobs on Element AI’s cluster and experience the efficiencies firsthand.