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The First AI Operating System

Build, monitor and optimize enterprise AI solutions, all in one place

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With very few pilots making it into production to deliver value, enterprises are struggling to operationalize AI. Silos between AI labs and business units, disjointed AI pipeline tooling and one-off AI projects can slow progress and impede return on investment.

EAI OS empowers businesses to continuously drive value with a more integrated, explainable and transparent approach to AI. This is enabled through a single, comprehensive solution that allows business, IT, and AI experts to collaborate together, thereby providing a set of best practices for AI application development that everyone can rely on.

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Better orchestration of people, models and data

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User-AI collaboration

A central foundation to enable business, AI and IT experts to collaborate seamlessly. On-the-fly user feedback enables AI to learn and continuously improve model performance over time.

Transparent and explainable UX builds trust and improves decision-making and governance.

Production-ready model creation

Pull from a central repository for state-of-the-art AI building blocks. See API library

Go from raw data to production-grade models with tools to streamline model development, hyperparameter experimentation and benchmarking, resource optimization and more.

Streamlined data preparation & onboarding

Tools to facilitate the onboarding, labelling and cleansing of data.

Expand datasets with strategic partnerships and proprietary research in transfer and few-shot learning.