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State-of-the-art AI technology tailored to your reality

Unlike traditional off-the-shelf AI solutions, our AI capabilities are customizable, combinable and easily deployable through the Element AI OS

Users get superior results, tailored features and lower the cost of integration, improving ROI on AI investments.

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    Extensive technology and expertise

    Go beyond niche solutions with deep know-how and state-of-the-art AI technology that spans multiple domains, from forecasting and optimization to OCR and anomaly detection

  • ICON 120px API Tailored

    Tailored to your business context

    AI capabilities that are trained for a specific use case and deployed as a solution that continues to sharpen with time, picking up on increasingly faint signals from across complex business processes

  • ICON 120px API Endto End

    Designed for seamless, end-to-end integration

    From the ground up, our AI capabilities are built to work with other capabilities and enterprise applications, enabling the unification of AI tech for greater performance and impact

  • Optical Character Recognition

    Instantly transcribe text from natural environments or digital documents, reducing manual work and enabling automatic workflows.

  • Time Series Forecasting

    Best-in-class AI-powered forecasting provides better accuracy and can deliver lift for a wide range of forecasting scenarios, across multiple industries.

  • Object Detection & Counting

    Robust detection, counting and tracking of objects and people in a wide variety of environments, enabling valuable workflows in many real-world situations.

  • Optimization

    AI-powered optimization boosts the efficiency of business processes and tasks, maximizing lift and ROI compared to traditional optimization methods.

  • Explainability

    Making your AI explainable to users helps drive adoption and lowers the barrier of entry for users.

  • Recommender System

    Use past data and actions to recommend the best choices to users in complex situations, driving better and faster decision-making in a workflow-specific context.

  • Anomaly Detection

    Detect anomalies on objects in natural environments and in various types of data, such as logs, video feeds and sales data, allowing for real-time reaction to these events.

  • Text Extraction & Analysis

    Accelerate the work of extracting insights from multiple forms of textual data and catch signals that are easily overlooked by humans with techniques such as sentiment analysis and text summarization.