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Increase ROI on your AI investment with APIs for core AI capabilities.

Customizable, personalizable AI capabilities trained for your context

  • Entity Extraction

    Extract text, fields and values from forms, documents, news and more.

  • Optical Character Recognition

    Instantly transcribe text from natural environments or digital documents using real-time OCR.

  • Visual Anomaly Detection

    Detect anomalies on objects in natural environments.

  • Unstructured Text Analysis

    Extract relevant insights from text, including sentiment, summarization and classification.

  • Time Series

    Predict the likelihood of future events based on past data.

  • Object Detection & Counting

    Detect and count objects, people and animals in natural environments.

  • Recommender System

    Use AI to recommend the best choices in complex situations, based on past data.

  • Anomaly Detection

    Detect complex abnormalities and unseen patterns over time.

  • Optimization

    Maximize opportunities to consolidate goods in a single load.

  • Explainability

    Explainable AI aims at providing the necessary information to build trust or enable an action around a decision taken by an AI model.