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AI Advisory & Enablement

Your AI journey starts here

We help organizations accelerate
AI adoption at every step.

  • Scoping the problem

    Align priority AI investments on a strategic roadmap.

    Working in short sprints, our experts work with your team to identify how AI can help address the key challenges facing your business. Together, we find the unique AI investments that balance creating value today with building capabilities for tomorrow. When we’re done, your business will be prepared to take concrete steps to access compounding benefits from AI.

  • Making use of your data

    Assemble your technical stack for scalable AI success.

    In as little as four weeks, we assess the potential of your current IT and data to deploy AI workflows and systems. With dedicated support from Applied Research Scientists, we assess how much you still need to pool and label your data to be ready. And we work together, with purpose-built tools, to quickly close the gaps that we find. Finally, we help you strategize to scale AI in the future, with a complete toolchain of infrastructure, tools and processes.

  • Equipping your team

    Lead and organize people to work smarter with AI.

    Starting from one-day AI bootcamps, we give your teams the literacy, skills and trust to lead powerful change with AI. In as little as 4 weeks, we help you plan future-proof operating models and strategy for everyone to work smarter with AI.

  • Enforcing governance

    Ensure trustworthy, explainable and responsible AI.

    We help you and your team identify and mitigate new risks from AI, understand principles and debates guiding AI regulation and synthesize policies and procedures to ensure safe, responsible AI into the future.

Why work with us?

  • Subject matter experts

    Our team is made up of fundamental and applied AI researchers, product developers and experts with decades of experience in industries including insurance, retail, manufacturing, banking and capital markets.

  • Proprietary tools and methods

    Our methodology and exclusive enablement tools help you onboard and label data, train models and scale faster to accelerate your discovery and development of AI opportunities.

  • Human-centric approach

    AI transformation only succeeds if people trust AI systems and decisions. That's why our approach is adapted to people and workflow, and it's why we create products that are trustworthy by design.

  • Technical depth

    Our scientists cover an unmatched breadth of fundamental AI research areas, including explainable AI (XAI), natural language processing (NLP), machine vision, time-series, operations research (OR), and more.

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