March 25, 2020 3 min

Element AI Offers Free Platform to Assist COVID-19 Response Efforts

Easy to use natural language web platform is made to help global health organizations, clinical experts, researchers, and scientists accelerate their search of structured and unstructured information vital to mitigating the COVID-19 pandemic

MONTREAL, QC—MARCH 30, 2020—Element AI, a global developer of artificial intelligence (AI) solutions, today is releasing a beta of a free search platform to help clinical and scientific researchers, public health authorities, and frontline workers find answers and patterns in research papers by locating relevant work across thousands of published papers.

Information on COVID-19 is evolving fast and this AI-powered platform leverages a semantic search model that will allow users to quickly connect disparate information. The platform can execute searches based on specific inquiries, along with critical paragraphs copied from a relevant paper. Unlike keyword searches, the queries do not need to be specifically structured, and actually perform better in longer form. This initial version is configured to work with the COVID-19 Open Research Dataset (CORD-19) corpus. Element AI is looking for users and organizations from various groups to test the platform and suggest other data sets and features that could best fit their needs.

The groups Element AI is looking to work with include:

  • Clinical researchers who need to incorporate many phenomena to make a rich model of the pandemic and its impacts.
  • Government, Public Safety and Public Health authorities looking to find best practices across different countries.
  • Pharmaceutical companies working on new therapies or vaccine trials, as well as identifying existing therapies that could provide immediate help.
  • Scientific researchers and data scientists who are working on novel ways to connect research across the body of knowledge already available for COVID-19.

“Research data and reports are being published at an unprecedented pace as organizations scale up their efforts to respond to COVID-19. We want to contribute, and this free platform is our way to help the community locate and gather knowledge to find answers and patterns,” said Jean-François (JF) Gagné, CEO and Co-founder of Element AI. “We encourage the scientific and healthcare community to use this free platform and engage with our team to quickly ramp up and collaboratively meet the needs of the people working to slow down and contain COVID-19. We hope that their feedback and collaboration will help us quickly add features and datasets on top of what we already have made available” added Gagné.

The COVID-19 platform leverages technology from the Element AI Knowledge Scout product, which uses natural language techniques to tap into structured and unstructured sources of information. The first version will be progressively updated in coming weeks as additional datasets emerge. The site can be accessed at:


About Element AI

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