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Element AI Launches Season Two of ‘The AI Element’ Podcast

MONTREAL, QC—September 10, 2019Element AI, a global developer of AI-powered software products that scale to help people work smarter, today announced the second season of its innovative podcast, The AI Element. The 10 thirty-minute episodes will be released bi-weekly, with host Alex Shee of Element AI, leading timely and informative conversations that captivated listeners in the show’s first season.

As the impact of artificial intelligence grows across businesses, governments, and consumer affairs, Element AI is leading these discussions to better understand the challenges involved in AI adoption, and hopes to build trust through conversations with a diverse cast of stakeholders.

Season 2 of the ‘The AI Element’ will explore what AI can actually do (and not), putting listeners in the room with leading experts discussing today’s toughest challenges in applying AI. Each episode will bridge the theoretical with the practical on topics from Explainable AI, Eliminating Bias, AI for Climate Change, and AI Governance and Ecosystems to better understand approaches to responsible AI development..

Select scheduled guests for season 2 of ‘The AI Element’ will include:

  • Ed Santow, Human Rights Commissioner for Australia
  • Christina Colclough, Director at UNI Global Union (world’s largest union)
  • Jesse McWaters, Project Lead, Disruptive Innovation in Financial Services, Financial Services Industries, World Economic Forum
  • Yoshua Bengio, PhD., A.M. Turing Award recipient, Professor, Department of Computer Science and Operations Research, Université de Montréal. Founder and Scientific Director of MILA.
  • Yuko Harayama, Executive Member of the Council for Science, Technology and Innovation (CSTI), Cabinet Office of Japan
  • Jacomo Corbo, Chief Scientist at Quantum Black
  • Daron Acemoglu, Institute Professor of Economics at MIT and author of “Why Nations Fail

“Season 2 of the ‘The AI Element’ podcast digs deep into what AI really is and addresses its tangible impacts—instead of giving into the hype,” said Alex Shee, ‘The AI Element’s host and Head of the Office of the CEO at Element AI. “It was exciting to engage with such a diverse group of luminaries representing business leaders, NGO’s, think tanks, AI policy making organizations and economic organizations. This ultimately led to rich and thoughtful conversations that weave a more nuanced perspective on the future of AI.”

To listen to the first episode of Season 2 of the ‘AI Element’ Podcast visit:

This podcast series can be accessed on the following platforms: Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Spotify, Stitcher, Overcast, SoundCloud, Player FM, Pocket Casts, and the following android apps.

To re-visit and listen to season 1 episodes of ‘The AI Element’, visit:

About Element AI

Element AI is a global developer of AI-powered software products that scale to help people work smarter. Founded in 2016 by serial entrepreneur JF Gagné and pioneering AI research professor Yoshua Bengio, PhD, Element AI turns cutting-edge research and industry expertise into software solutions that continuously learn and improve. With a focus on financial services and supply chain sectors, Element AI provides end-to-end AI integration guidance throughout its customers’ AI journey—from advisory and enablement, to integration, deployment and ongoing support. Element AI maintains a strong connection to academia through research collaborations and takes a leadership position in policy-making around the impact of AI on society.

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