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Element AI Expands in Toronto

Element AI continues its expansion plans by officially opening their second Canadian office in Toronto, choosing to invest in Ontario's vibrant AI, business and start-up communities for growth

TORONTO, April 4, 2018—Element AI, an artificial intelligence company that turns cutting-edge AI research into scalable solutions that make businesses safer, stronger, and more agile, continues its global expansion by adding to its Canadian operations with an office in downtown Toronto, Ontario. This opening is the company's fifth office alongside London, South Korea, Singapore, and its Montreal headquarters.

As Canada's largest city, Toronto's rich AI, academic, business, and startup ecosystems are ideal for Element AI to expand its unique collaborative approach with industry, university researchers, and both governmental and non-governmental organizations; a model that is engineered to promote knowledge sharing that benefits all. The office is located on Richmond Street in Toronto's Financial District and is staffed with a full stack team covering AI Research & Development as well as Sales & Marketing. Omar Dhalla, Element AI's SVP of Industry Solutions and Corporate Development, will be leading the Toronto office.

Element AI's Toronto office is dedicated to serving Ontario's emerging AI needs by:

  1. Focusing on initiatives that are critical to the Toronto and Ontario business communities by establishing relevant and impactful AI programs to help organizations commence their AI journeys
  2. Working with the Government of Ontario in their efforts to support AI development and accelerate industry adoption
  3. Organizing science talks and other programs to foster a deep connection with the academic community

"I can sum up my feelings about our newest office in one phrase, Thank you Toronto!" said Element AI CEO Jean-François Gagné. "None of this would be possible without the help from all of the people who have contributed and supported Element AI's mission from Day One. We are very appreciative of the local support and look forward to collaborating with the vibrant Toronto AI community in order to further advance the Canadian AI industry.

Headquartered in Montreal, Element AI was founded in October 2016 by serial entrepreneurs Jean-François Gagné, Nicolas Chapados, and Yoshua Bengio, a pioneer of deep learning, with the goal of empowering industries by leveraging the talent of elite AI academics. Drawing on their extensive backgrounds and success in research and industry deployment, Element AI has grown to 300 employees worldwide and is uniquely poised to deliver an effective transfer of its state-of-the-art research capabilities into customizable and scalable AI solutions that facilitate client and user adoption through unique human-centric design.

About Element AI

Element AI turns cutting-edge AI research into artificial intelligence solutions that make businesses safer, stronger and more agile. Headquartered in Montreal, Canada with offices in Toronto, London, South Korea and Singapore, Element AI and is funded by investors including BDC Capital, Data Collective, Fidelity Investments Canada, Hanwha Investment, Intel Capital, Microsoft Ventures, National Bank, NVIDIA GPU Ventures, Real Ventures, and Tencent. http://www.elementai.com

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