December 2, 2020 4 min

Element AI Expands Business Footprint in APAC with First Local Representative in Japan

TOKYO—December 3rd, 2020—Element AI, a global developer of artificial intelligence-powered (AI) solutions and software, is today formally entering the Japanese market by announcing its first local representative, Mr Makoto Seki, a 20-year software sales professional. Mr. Seki will facilitate Element AI engagements with Japanese corporations and establish a foundation for sustainable business growth.

Japan is currently undergoing both a concerted national agenda and a private industry push for significant investment into AI-related technologies. With the newly initiated Society 5.0 roadmap, the Japanese AI market is primed for expansion. As noted in the recently published 2020 Global AI Talent Report, Japan stands out with a relatively high ratio of Machine Learning engineers that offer the expertise to build novel AI solutions, and an above-average talent pool growth of 142%.

The report also identifies two risks for Japan—citing a relatively low amount of AI implementation talent, and a constrained research community. The former can be countered through a strong partner ecosystem with robust training programs. The state of the research community in Japan remains a challenge due to rapidly-changing advancements in AI, requiring the AI ecosystem to stay current with the latest AI iterations. Japan ranks 7th in the world for total number of researchers, but has some of the least movement of individuals in and out of the country, ranking below average for international collaborations (28th overall).

The recent success of the open innovation programs being pursued by Japanese businesses has laid the groundwork to bring Canadian AI expertise and Japanese technology excellence together. Element AI believes that an opportunity exists for solutions partners to accelerate the research-to-business value chain, which increases return on investment by bringing applied AI into production ready deployments.

Element AI has announced regional customers and partnerships in the advanced manufacturing, consumer electronics, and banking sectors in Singapore and South Korea, and is now primed to support industrial, manufacturing, and financial services sectors in Japan. Element AI brings advisory & enablement offerings, strong roots in fundamental research, and a unique blend of services and software to Japanese businesses—ready to accelerate their investments in AI transformation in the post pandemic recovery period.

An early Japanese customer of Element AI is automotive parts manufacturer Aisin Seiki. The company has recently embarked on a project to embed state-of-the-art AI model explainability features into its existing visual quality inspection systems. This AI project increases both adoption and compliance by operators to ensure trust within the business. The ongoing relationship with Aisin Seiki demonstrates the potential of combining Japanese technical and process expertise with Canadian AI innovation.

“Our engagement with Element AI has been very beneficial,” said Chief Project General Manager, Naotake Natori of Aisin Seiki Co Ltd. “Combining our manufacturing expertise with their advanced AI research and development knowledge has resulted in significant steps forward for deploying a key AI capability in our quality control process. It has allowed us to accelerate our AI initiatives and we see this engagement as the foundation of a continuing relationship between our organisations.”

“Element AI develops world class AI software and solutions for enterprise organizations, and innovative customers like Aisin Seiki open doors for us to bring more AI integration solutions to the Japan market,” said Jean-François Gagné, CEO and Founder of Element AI. “Japan is ready for large scale AI transformation, and we are confident that Japan’s globally recognized technology excellence provides a strong platform for continued business growth in APAC.”

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