Webinar: Industry Experts Share their Experience Optimizing Underwriting Workflows with AI
Lisa Seguin Lisa Seguin
June 5 2 min

Webinar: Industry Experts Share their Experience Optimizing Underwriting Workflows with AI

Using AI to address persistent underwriting problems

Over the last decade, the insurance industry has put significant efforts toward overhauling outdated processes and modernizing legacy systems to surpass ever increasing customer expectations and continue to drive revenue growth.

Despite the important new challenges businesses are facing today, many insurers are continuing to move ahead with their technological transformation plans in an effort to increase their team’s capacity and to continue to meet their customers’ needs and expectations. In fact, a recent research report conducted by Strategy Meets Action which explored how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted insurers’ plans and investments found that “75% of commercial lines insurers are moving forward with their overall technology plans and investments.”

Charles Dugas, Insurance Industry Principal at Element AI is not surprised by this statistic: “We’ve continued to meet virtually with numerous insurers and MGAs over the past few months and although leaders are exercising high degrees of caution, there is certainly a lot of interest in moving forward with AI projects that will give underwriting teams the tools needed to increase their capacity, especially for those that have seen an increase in business.”

How AI can help increase your underwriting team’s capacity

Interested in learning how you can leverage AI to improve your underwriting workflow? Watch this recent webinar hosted by Insurance-Canada where industry experts from McKinsey & Company and Element AI chat with Jean-François Raymond, President at Groupassur, to share their experience deploying the latest AI applications in insurance to optimize the underwriting workflow and drive greater business value.

What you will learn in this webinar:

  • Steps to identify high value use cases within an organization.
  • 3 specific use cases of how AI is being leveraged to enhance the highly manual commercial underwriting process for P&C.
  • How Groupassur, a Montreal-based MGA, is leveraging AI to grow their business — and why they chose this technology to help.

Watch the recording here to learn more, or contact our AI experts to get started with optimizing your underwriting workflow.