A new milestone for Element AI
November 29 2 min

A new milestone for Element AI

ELEMENT AI has always been on a mission to help more organizations harness the power of AI and to reinvent how humans and machines collaborate.

From the earliest of days, our vision was to democratize AI through a collaborative model that aimed to bring cutting-edge research into real life applications, and to shape a world where our innovative technology would support, rather than hinder, humankind.

After four years of seeing the market mature, and the impact that our know-how and technology assets have brought to customers, we believe that we have an opportunity to achieve our objectives and apply our talent and technology to the most significant challenges facing the enterprise today.

I am therefore excited to announce that we have agreed to be acquired by ServiceNow. We believe this is our best path to reach our initial ambition, to make AI accessible to the enterprise, and to help people and machines work smarter, together. As part of this transition, I will continue to lead the Element AI team within the ServiceNow organization.

This is an enormous commitment to our mutual vision of making the enterprise a better place, helping people have greater impact and ultimately driving more value for all stakeholders. Element AI’s team, products, and technologies, combined with the power of ServiceNow’s leading workflow engine, offer the promise to shape the future of work.

Element AI will help ServiceNow deliver workflows that learn more efficiently from smaller datasets, improve the quality of existing AI capabilities like content and language understanding, and expand new capabilities like image recognition and cognitive search. Together we will enable customers to surface and summarize information, make predictions and recommendations, and automate repetitive tasks so employees and customers can focus on areas only humans excel at – creative thinking, customer interactions, and unpredictable work.

I am incredibly grateful and proud of what we have accomplished as a team over the years. Armed with ambition and grit, we have broken through the noise of this space early on, and we continue to do so every day. We have built a culture of curiosity and collaboration that uniquely allowed us to become an influence in our field.

We can only continue to achieve this if we are true to the essence of our brand, use our influence to shape conversations, dare to dream big, and continue to be bold.


Read the press release here.