The AI Maturity Framework: Your strategic guide to operationalizing and scaling enterprise AI solutions
Karthik Ramakrishnan Karthik Ramakrishnan
May 7 3 min

The AI Maturity Framework: Your strategic guide to operationalizing and scaling enterprise AI solutions

This article was co-authored by Karthik Ramakrishnan and Cory Salveson.

Six months ago, we announced work had begun on a new AI Maturity Framework for enterprise. It's ready now as a free, downloadable whitepaper covering the entire AI maturity journey, from Exploring to Transforming. A companion survey helps you get the most out of the guide and is also free:

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Operationalizing AI is not simple, but the message of our whitepaper is that there's a systematic path to progress. We hope it helps you, as it has already helped our clients, to target high-impact AI opportunities more accurately and realize value from AI investments faster.

We believe this message is more important than ever in the new world created by COVID-19. With some parts of the economy in suspended animation, and others working harder than ever to provide essential goods and services, "working smarter" is not just an opportunity but an imperative.

For everything that has changed, the steps required for organizations to work smarter with AI have not. Organizations still need to update how they think, act, and learn, whether buying an AI solution off the shelf, building one from scratch or something in between.

And remember: this too shall pass. When it does, artificial intelligence is going to be central to industries transforming to be not only more digital, but more efficient and resilient.

The AI Maturity Framework shows how to get there. It's designed to help leaders understand and prioritize the specific actions that will have the most impact on AI adoption in their unique context. It works by cataloging five key organizational dimensions that must be aligned to achieve and scale business impact with AI: Strategy, Data, Technology, People and Governance. It also explains how these dimensions advance an organization’s maturity over time.

The key to AI maturity, from exploring the potential to transforming your organization, is envisioning your unique, AI-enabled future-state and mapping out a path to that vision from your current position. Before the COVID-19 crisis, most business leaders were behind in being able to grasp either the current or future states clearly. This was the primary driver for why we wrote our guide.

In fact, our survey at the start of this year showed that fewer than one in ten organizations were fully ready to scale AI in production. Another 52% of organizations were actively experimenting with AI. And, these numbers weren’t much different from the same point a year ago. As we all enter a new, post-coronavirus world, we hope the AI Maturity Framework helps more organizations move forward faster.

Whether you've started your AI journey or have yet to start, we encourage you to download the whitepaper, read it, apply it⁠, and tell us what you think. And if you'd like a partner on the way, contact us today.

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