International Women's Day: Celebrate yourself
Kayla Gillis Kayla Gillis
March 8 2 min

International Women's Day: Celebrate yourself

March 8, 2019: International Women’s Day is, at its core, a day where people take the time to celebrate women who have forged their path. From famous women scientists whose breakthroughs led to our current understanding of the world, to the less famous (but no less important) women who have guided us by being mentors, leaders, or friendly faces that provided support. What we often forget is the need to celebrate ourselves.

Anne Martel - International Women's Day

That’s why this year, we, at Element AI, have challenged ourselves to remember a time when the voice inside of us said we couldn’t, but we did it anyways. Even the strongest among us need a push — a nudge to empower ourselves and put one foot in front of the other. So if you could go back and look your younger self in the eye, what would you say?

Negar Rostamzadeh - International Women's Day

History tells us that great things happen to those who do. Everyone starts somewhere, and when we share our experiences, we reaffirm the simple, yet essential, fact that anything is possible.

Valerie Kim Brassard - International Women's Day

If nothing else, we hope this puts your current position into perspective; whether you need to be reminded how much you’ve already done, or you need a bit of reassurance in knowing you’re not alone. We hope you don’t forget that it is never too early, nor too late, and that everyone is on your side.

We all start somewhere, and if you haven’t already, we hope you start now.