The Element AI Lab launches a research blog
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February 12 2 min

The Element AI Lab launches a research blog

As part of our effort to democratize AI, we wanted to find a way to share some of our key learnings with our audience. Element AI has a fast-growing team of researchers working on very exciting projects, and in the spirit of transparency, want to start sharing more of the research we do. So we’re launching the Element AI Lab blog on Medium.

Many of our researchers publish academic papers and speak at conferences, but we felt like we needed a space to complement that and “think out loud”. For projects that are in progress or don’t ever make it into a paper, this lab blog can be a space for informal discussions, explaining technical concepts, and document our work in progress.

We’re excited to be going live with three posts today:

  1. One of our Applied Research Scientists, Bahador Khaleghi offers a comprehensive overview of the recent NIPS conference.
  2. Applied Research Scientists Jeffrey Rainy introduces our video style transfer project,
  3. Jeffrey Rainy follows up the post with a closer look at our process of using noise-resilience to stabilize live video.

Our goal is to create thorough, practical, and engaging content related to artificial intelligence research. If you’re a research scientist working in a university or studying to become one, we hope you enjoy what we’re working on.

We’re looking forward to sharing more posts in the near future, so stay tuned to see what the research team is up to.