Setting up Canada's economy as a global leader in innovation
Marc-Etienne Ouimette Marc-Etienne Ouimette
September 25 2 min

Setting up Canada's economy as a global leader in innovation

As part of our continued quest to foster collaboration and excellence, Element AI, alongside other digital industry leaders, participated in mapping out a new vision for Canada's economy as a global leader in innovation.

Since fall 2017, the respective members of the Economic Strategy Tables met monthly: reviewing economic analysis, connecting with experts, and reflecting on our practical experience building and growing companies.

Right on time for Canada's biggest tech and innovation festival (Elevate), taking place in Toronto from September 21st-27th, the Government of Canada has released two reports that contain the proposals that came out of the meetings, which include some very important recommendations, as well as the details behind the reasoning; all part of a vital conversation.

The growth strategies laid out set the bar high. Our actions will need to match our ambitions.

The Innovation and Competitiveness Imperative: Seizing Opportunities for Growth

“To protect the services we consider foundational and ensure opportunities for all Canadians, we need to give our economy a jolt by increasing our competitiveness. […] The good news is we have many strengths to leverage: great innovators, a stable banking system and good corporate governance. As a country, we have a diverse population and a commitment to social and environmental sustainability. We have an opportunity to be the disruptor, not the disrupted.”

Read the full Digital Industries Table report here.

Canada’s Economic Strategy Tables: Digital Industries

“Canada has an incredible opportunity ahead. We are seen as leaders in AI. For us to succeed in this new data-driven economy, we need strategies in place to control and capitalize on the data and ideas we generate. In turn, we must be able to trust that our public-sector investments are aligned to generate data and IP for the benefits of all Canadians.”

Read the full Economic Strategy Tables reports here.