Grace Hopper Celebration 2018: Element AI promotes women in tech
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October 2 2 min

Grace Hopper Celebration 2018: Element AI promotes women in tech

At Element AI, we pride ourselves on the diversity of the people we employ, and actively target our recruitment initiatives towards visible minorities, women, LGBTQ2+, as well as the disabled. We believe that talent has no physical boundaries, and our incredible team reflects this philosophy.

At this year's Grace Hopper Celebration, the women that make Element AI the global AI influence we are were in full view. 32% of our company-wide talent is made up of women, with 30% of our leadership team being women, as well. Furthermore, on our technical and scientific teams, 21% are women, with 20% in leadership positions.

While there is still a road to travel to reach our ideal level of diversity, Element AI is proud of the efforts put towards this goal, and our women deserve the spotlight for the incredible things they do!

Here is some wisdom from a few of the incredibly talented women that make up the heart, mind and soul of Element AI, and are woven into the fabric that will continue to make an immense impact on the future of our company and the AI industry as a whole.

The Women of Element AI

What tip would you give to future leaders?

Anne, SVP Operations

Anne, Application Security Specialist

Geneviève, Social Media Manager

Why do we need more women in tech?

Anne, VP People

Wei-Wei, Graphic Designer

What tip would you give women who want to join the tech world?

Iman, Applied Research Scientist

Katy, Marketing & Communications Director

Sophie, Development Intern

What does success look like?

Magda, IT Technician

Siham, Market Intelligence Manager

If you'd like to join our diverse and growing team of cream-of-the-crop AI industry talent, take a look at our careers page to find your dream job, and start your journey toward making the world a better, more inclusive, and more human place to live.