Element AI opens its European headquarters In London
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January 23 3 min

Element AI opens its European headquarters In London

We’re opening an office in London, which will serve as our European headquarters. This office will be a research lab (for now) focusing on AI for good.

As part of our efforts to democratize AI and make AI accessible for everyone, it’s important to us to make sure that we explore ways to use AI to help society. Up until now, the vast majority of AI investment has been made on the commercial side, and while that’s good, we want to make sure that AI benefits society as much as possible.

Problems like poverty, climate change, disease, and much more can leverage AI and machine learning to make these issues easier to fight against. From an article called AI Is a Game-Changer in the Fight Against Hunger and Poverty. Here's Why:

“Some researchers are using AI to pinpoint the regions most in need. Other scientists are integrating AI into research designed to improve agriculture, possibly giving the world's poorest farmers a way to elevate their financial status. AI is also an effective tool for increasing access to information and boosting education and literacy, among other things.”

This is exactly what we want to focus on in our London office. We want to make sure that we can help the NGOs, government organizations, and local initiatives do their work better. The power of machine learning is in making these amazing people even more amazing. Those on the front lines of solving these important issues can use machine learning to make themselves even more effective. We want to be there to help them in any way we can.

For now, the London office is focused on research of AI for good, with plans to grow into a full-stack office. The office will initially focus on three core initiatives:

  1. Using machine learning to help solve global issues by empowering NGOs, government, and local initiatives with AI that will enhance their ability to solve global humanitarian issues

  2. Advancing fundamental research focused on AI for Good

  3. Facilitating connection of leading AI scientists and engineers in developing nations through fellowships and visiting scholar programs.

Former DeepMind scientist Dr. Julien Cornebise will lead the London office as Director of Research and focus his efforts on AI for good. Julien was an early employee at DeepMind and eventually led the Health Applied Research Team. When he left DeepMind in 2016, he started working with Amnesty International. His background in both fundamental research and experience with non-profits makes him the perfect person to lead these efforts in London.

We’re excited to see what Julien and his team will create, and we’re confident that this will have real, positive impact on society.

Read the full press release here.