Notes from AI Fest 2018
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July 18 2 min

Notes from AI Fest 2018

On Juljavascript:void(null);y 12th - 14th, Element AI teamed up with Startupfest as a presenting partner to hold the second instalment of AI Fest. AI Fest brought together 400 attendees for three days of content delivered by 27 speakers, all under one “roof” (a very scenic island venue in Montreal).

A lot of AI wisdom was shared across those three days, and we sent a crew of notetakers to help capture and distill all the learnings. Now we want to share the full notes from AI Fest with you.


The speakers and panelists shared:

  • Practical AI business applications in a variety of industries (healthcare, beauty, finance, HR and more)

  • Inspirational stories of people using AI for social good and to enact positive change in the world

  • Action items for holding your organization accountable for eliminating algorithmic bias

  • Startup-specific advice, best practices, and mistakes (that you can learn from)

Every talk shared a common theme of keeping people at the heart of everything you do — whether it’s working to eliminate bias, discovering new ways to collaborate, or taking a human-centric approach to designing AI products and services.

Tyler Schnoebelen said it well:

“Designers need empathy, diversity and humanity top of mind in order to build great AI systems.”

Thanks everyone for your energy and contribution to AI Fest. Special thanks to the amazing StartupFest team and our partners Next Canada, Real Ventures and IVADO.

Happy reading,

The Element AI Marketing team