AI products for the insurance industry.

Element AI for Insurance

Empower your workforce
to better serve customers

Customers are your most important asset.

We empower your workforce to offer them more timely and personalized service.

  • AI helps streamline your workflows for greater throughput.

    Streamline workflows

    for greater throughput with the same headcount.

  • AI helps unlock data insights to better guide decision making.

    Guide decision-making

    by unlocking new
    insights from data.

  • AI helps free up employees to focus on higher-value tasks.

    Focus on higher-value tasks

    that align with your team’s expertise by reducing time spent on repetitive work.

Underwriting Partner insurance AI product

Element AI Underwriting Partner

Capturing the art of commercial underwriting, with the science of artificial intelligence

The commercial property and casualty (P&C) underwriting process is challenging and complex. From submission to binding and renewal, process inefficiencies often result in both suboptimal customer experience and missed business opportunities.

Element AI Underwriting Partner empowers underwriters to work more efficiently, improving the accuracy, speed and consistency of decisions across all steps in the underwriting process. The result is greater capacity from faster turnaround times and a renewed focus on building customer relationships.

Key benefits of AI technology applied to the insurance industry.