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The Element AI Fundamental Research Scientists form an independent research lab focused on advancing the state of the art in various areas of machine learning. In collaboration with the leading universities and research labs like MILA and UBC, we’re working on advancing artificial intelligence in a direction that’s beneficial for everybody.

Element AI Applied Research Scientists apply the current state of the art to solve applied and business problems in AI. We work closely with both fundamental researchers and developers to build tools to solve hard real-world problems.

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Researchers have access to a ton of resources like GPUs and the ability to hire interns.


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Mentorship Through Our Fellow Network

Our world-class research lab does fundamental AI research and tackles the most important problems.

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We're working on understanding artificial intelligence to build a better world.

Parmida Atighehchian

Applied Research Scientist

Parmida is an Applied Research Scientist at Element AI, where she works on object and character recognition. She holds a bachelor in Electrical Engineering in Isfahan University of Technology in Iran and a Masters in Pattern recognition and Machine Learning in CENPARMI at Concordia. Her thesis research focused on the automation of coin grading and evaluation in numismatics, and she previously worked in robotics developing novel methods for path trajectory calculation based on hemicube projection. She felt Element AI was the best place to build a career in deep learning, with the unique access to the community of fellows and ties to MILA. Since joining, she’s been particularly thrilled with culture, which she says combines the excitement of the startup with the work-life balance of a more mature company.

David Vázquez

Fundamental Research Scientist

David Vázquez is a Fundamental Research Scientist at Element AI, where he works on computer vision. Previously he was a postdoctoral researcher at Computer Vision Center of Barcelona (CVC) and Montreal Institute of Learning Algorithms (MILA) and Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer Science at the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB). He is an expert in machine perception for autonomous vehicles and on domain adaptation from simulation to real-world environments. David was attracted to Element AI by our Fellow network: ‘It gives you virtual access to the best AI researchers of the world. This makes EAI unique and that's why I came here; if you want to be the best you have to be with the best.’

Anqi Xu

Fundamental Research Scientist

Anqi is a Fundamental Research Scientist at Element AI. Anqi has over 10 years of research experience with diverse facets of mobile robotics, including human interaction, perception, control, localization, and planning. He holds a PhD in Computer Science from McGill University, where he studied trust in human-robot interactions. Anqi was attracted by the vast breadth of client applications and fundamental research goals at Element AI, allowing him to flexibly explore diverse problems, including human-enhanced learning (e.g. imitation learning, inverse reinforcement learning, reward shaping); reinforcement learning for robotic control, mobile perception, and embedded/wearable deployment.

Marie-Claude Coté

Lead Applied Research Scientist

Marie-Claude is a Lead Applied Research Scientist at Element AI. Prior to joining Element AI, Marie-Claude worked as an operational researcher at ExPretio technologies and led the Data Science team at JDA Software, a company specializing in execution and planning systems for the supply chain and retail sectors. She holds a PhD in Applied Mathematics from Ecole Polytechnique, in which she focused on solving multi-activity shift-scheduling problems using formal language-based formulations and approaches. She joined Element AI to apply the transformative powers of AI to society within a company who cares about doing it in a responsible way.

Our Fellow Network

Our scientists benefit from mentorship and collaboration with our fellow network, which consists of world-renowned AI scientists from the best academic labs across Canada.

We Want To Hear From You

Our goal is to push the limits of AI to make it much more flexible. If you’re passionate about exploring these fundamental concepts with us, we’d love to hear from you.

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