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Recommender System

Make better choices in complex situations.

Recommender system ai capability

The Element AI Difference

State-of-the-art recommender system that can be customized, easily deployed and fine-tuned on client data

  • Customizable 2x


    Can be adapted to a specific use case by leveraging your company data as well as our powerful transfer learning and generative models.

  • Seamless integration 2x


    Seamless integration with your stack and other AI capabilities enables new synergies across different signals and processes, generating more relevant outputs and greater impact.

  • Flexible deployment 2x


    Supported by deep technical expertise, infrastructure and tools, systems can be rapidly trained and deployed, either on-prem or cloud.

Recommender system for insurance
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Recommender System for Insurance

The EAI Recommender System component can be used to increase accuracy and consistency in the underwriting process by making coverage recommendations to underwriters based on coverage decisions from previous submissions with similar attributes.