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Helping businesses build a sustainable and resilient future

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Our first area of focus: Reducing the carbon footprint of manufacturing

According to the IPCC, industry alone accounts for about 25% of total process and energy-related CO2 emissions. These organizations are now under pressure to meet net zero emissions by 2050, while simultaneously tripling output to meet increased demand and reducing resources by 50%.

Efficient manufacturing is key to meeting these three coinciding objectives. Machine learning can optimize manufacturing processes and asset use to achieve significant energy, cost and emissions reductions.

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Enabling informed decision-making around climate impacts with Earth observation data

For any industry, tracking and understanding the causes and effects of climate change is key to creating effective solutions that move us towards a sustainable, low-carbon economy.

Element AI’s remote sensing and Earth observation data solutions apply object detection, change detection and counting techniques to visual, radar and hyperspectral data. These remote sensing capabilities can be applied to monitor wildlife for conservation and environmental purposes; for traffic management and urban planning; and for monitoring land use such as agriculture and forestry.

Not only does this visibility enable the green transition, but it can also help businesses and governments better prepare for the shocks stemming from climate risk.

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The Element AI Difference

Organizations like you are working to build a more sustainable and resilient future.
We are here to make sure you are able to put the leading AI technology to use.

Responsible AI is a part of our mission.

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    Our AI for Climate program is a cross-company initiative that supports private and public sector efforts, from discovery and strategy to research and custom solutions, that tackle the climate crisis and help build a sustainable and resilient future.

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    Our partnership network allows us to combine together our technology expertise with domain experts, data providers and other like-minded organizations from around the world.

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    Our fundamental research teams push the boundaries of knowledge. The DNA of our organization is applying the latest research to global challenges, from the Covid-19 pandemic, to climate change and the environment, to human rights.